The Knowledge IT Corporation has an experienced Staff and Industry Specific Consultants to support your organization and recommend the right solutions for your divisions, sections or groups across your value chain. These entities in the Virtual Enterprise compromised of your value chain, embrace a complex and an overwhelming pace of change in Today's World. The Knowledge IT Corporation staff will help your organization to implement the "Best Practice" Agile Configurable Solution for your constantly growing and adapting enterprise.

Knowledge IT will provide Advisory Services for consensus building, then provide Innovation Strategy Consultation, Build a Prototype within a very short timeframe using its configurable toolset, help you discover your Enterprise Solution Strategy, select the right features from its robust experience library that meet your individul specific unique requirement, and then define your Corporate Implementation Strategy maintaining an optimum Corporate Solution. Thus, this agile technology is delivered through the Knowledge IT Discovery Process by our consultation staff who have put their generations of customer experience into the Knowledge IT Architecture Framework.

  The founder has demonstrated effectiveness and prior experience in major account and team management, product and technical marketing, with having established industry specific channels and sold to over 100 companies successfully. He has been managing and implementing key software products and systems integration for global enterprises with over fifteen years of prior experience. He has held several high level positions while being employed by NTT Software Corporation, Lockheed Aircraft Asia Ltd, Lockheed Martin-Formtek Inc, Marubeni Electronics Corporation, Mitsubishi Research Institute and a Global Oil Corporation  
  Some of his past held positions include Systems Engineer, Technical Support Engineer, Project Leader, Project Manager, Technical Support and Marketing Manager, Program Manager, Director and his last position was a representative of Japan branch, Director of Asia Pacific in a Lockheed Martin Company. He has been responsible for managing revenues, profitability, costs and technical requirements gathering, analysis, design, implementation process of large scale global deployments.  

Hemant Setya has an educational background in M.Sc. Electrical Engineering with Research in Media Independent Information Representation. His B.Sc. was in Electrical Engineering and his research in Computer Multi-Language Database Management and Search Systems from Chiba University Japan. He was one of the few students to get Japan Government Mombusho Scholarships based on his education results in Japan. His first post degree job was on a recommendation from his professor to a major solutions provider Company. He is fluent in Japanese, English and Hindi (with knowledge of some French). During his High School Education he went to 6 schools in different countries.


Other positions Hemant Setya has held have been, as a member of Software CALS, a volunteer advisor for the Japan Police, a volunteer advisor to Japan Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare, a volunteer advisory to Delhi University - Department of Botany, a volunteer advisor to Ministry of Science - Government of India, a volunteer advisor to PC NEW - Japan. His past experiencies make the Knowledge IT Corporation's foundation globally strong.

  We not only build powerful, configurable solutions, but we can also easily integrate these solutions with your Legacy Systems and Third-Party Tools using our Intelligent Integration Hub. The result is a functional infrastructure leading to a robust intelligent Hub Architecture, benefits leading to Decision Support Quality Environment, elevation of the Corporate IQ, Cohesive Framework for Managing, Automating, and Tracking Business Processes, over a Reliable Virtual Knowledge Base.  
  No other Solution Provider offers this combination of robust technology, agile solution, in depth intelligence, unbound flexibility, global expertise, a return on investment and dedication.
  I would especially like to thank our customers for making our product and solutions better, and our past Advisory Board Members (including University of Tokyo, NTT Data Corporation, PIA Corporation) for making our company better. We are always learning from our experiences and others around us. The Knowledge IT Corporation will continue to provide a complete innovative agile solution today, tomorrow and in the future.  
At Knowledge IT, our International Staff consist of a variety of experienced Industry Consultants, Strategic Sales and Marketing Teams, coupled with qualified International Developers who together have created an ultimate Intelligent Hub Architecture called the e - Solutions Software Suite. This Web based Collaborative Suite includes Powerful Project Management, Object Management, Process Management, Business Intelligence, Corporate Governance and an Informative Dashboard Reporting features built to solve your toughest Business Communication Issues. We are available for on going Project Support where we will together with your internal organizations support your long term business goals and Corporate and Customer commitments.